It’s amazing, so far I have written one blog, and not even 24hrs later I find myself thinking, what will my next blog be about?
Lots of things popped in and out of my head, bouncing around almost like kids jumping up and down saying “pick me! Pick me”
But in the end I decided to write about my early morning wake up.
This morning around 6:30am my gorgeous 5yo son came into me and said “Mama, I can’t sleep” I offered to take him to the toilet and then said to him “come and jump in bed between Dad and Mum and go back to sleep”
Of course he didn’t go back to sleep, but as we laid there snuggled up under the covers I thought to myself how lucky I was and how much I treasured something as simple as cuddling up to my (not so)baby boy.
I was thinking to myself that it wouldn’t be too much longer and morning cuddles in bed would be a thing of the past, for a few reasons… Firstly before much too longer he’s going to be far to big to fit in bed with Dad and Mum and secondly, he probably won’t want to! The lure of Saturday morning cartoons and Lego proving to be a far more attractive option than lying in bed pretending to be asleep.
So this morning as I cuddled him and he starting talking I didn’t sush him and try and get him to go to sleep we chatted about things super important things such as how cool a car with wings would really be, and if it would be possible to build a real car out of Lego or not, and the most important topic of all, did I know that there were more than one of “Jack and the Beanstalk” books out there?
These moments, filled with wonder and love are what make me so very proud to be a Mum. I love how his imagination works and how he links one though to another, but most of all I love the animation in his face when he is speaking.
It’s such a wonderful way to start the day.

By savvyannah

One comment on “Pondering

  1. I love this post. My daughter is 12 and I miss those mornings when she would wake me up early or crawl into bed with me. I miss rocking her in the rocking chair–she’s taller than me already! We’ve found new ways to bond–sharing music, reading the same books, art, photography–but I still miss those times when she was small enough to cuddle. I’m glad you’re enjoying them while you can.

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