Making progress

Today so far has been a fairly good day. My nephew I look after has been well behaved all day (this in itself is cause for celebration) my husband worked a lot from home so we had a lovely warm lunch that I cooked, a pumpkin and chicken risotto.. (was pretty good) found out I was approved for a Monster High kids party, so they’re sending me $90 worth of freebies for my daughter and her friends…. But the best bit by far was when I was walking out of school with the children.
Under one umbrella I had my 3yo nephew, my 5yo son, 9yo daughter and her best friend.. It was drizzling fairly heavily and we were doing our best to walk as one entity when all of a sudden, miss 9 yelled out “hi Caitlyn, hi Maisy”
She then looked at me and said they were her new friends… I was so happy.. All year she’s been having these awful anxiety issues, she went from being the sort of girl who could stand in front of a crowd of over 300 people and captivate them with her beautiful voice to a timid, shy and anxious little girl who couldn’t sleep, would cry and hyperventilate at school and could not for the life of her express what she felt.
After many nights of holding her while she cried, talking with the school and finally getting her into a counsellor we found out Aanya wasn’t really coping with all of the sudden changes thrust upon her. My husband had a new job, and was no longer working just down the road from her school, close friends had gotten married (we would see them everyday through my husbands work) and had gone on a month long holiday so she hadn’t seen much of them.. She had a teacher that was brand new to the school, and this teacher then got quite sick and they had to have a terms replacement (another brand new teacher) and she was having issues in her friendship circle.
To top this off, my parents had frequently promised to visit and then didn’t arrive, and when mum and dad finally came over in March it had been 2 years since Dad had seen the children, and almost 5 months since Mum had seen them.
So she was feeling very upset and felt like she just didn’t matter. It was heartbreaking and as parents, we both felt awful, not being able to give her an instant solution made me feel inferior and I really felt like I was letting her down.
The support she has been given at school, coupled with support from my husband and myself is finally starting to make a difference, she is now making new friends, and is starting to smile again. I’ve missed that smile so much.
I am so glad that we took her fears and emotions seriously and didn’t just brush them off like I have seen happen with other children. I am glad I trusted my intuition and requested her to see a counsellor, and above all I am glad that I did everything I was capable of to help her.. If nothing else she would see that she mattered to ME.
Sorry for today’s blog being a bit over the place 🙂

By savvyannah

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