The Battle continues..

I’ve always had a weight problem.. even before I was over-weight if that makes sense? I guess I was conditioned from a young age to be worried about my weigh and eventually my fears became my reality.

Since having my youngest, (just over 5 years ago) my weight has ballooned.. a few different things have contributed to it, some of it is diet & exercise, some of it stress (when I’m stressed out I simply can not eat, which is mental I know, but I can’t.. and this can last up to 3 days before I can stomache something) and some of it is varying medical issues I’ve had over the years along with a really crappy metabolism.  Another issue I have with my weight is I eat my emotions.. depending on how I feel used to govern what I put inside of my mouth.  

I’ve started feeling worse about myself than usual, I haven’t sung in front of an audience for over 12months, don’t really like to get dressed up and head out, I was starting to feel like I was heading towards that hermit phase, which is terrible for my anxiety.. it makes things so much worse when I feel like I can’t go out in public for fear of a panic attack.

After a lot of soul searching and almost giving up again, I’m trying once again to loose weight. This time though I’m not using methods I’ve tried in the past

  • Dancing
  • Weight loss tablets
  • Stupid diets 
  • Dietitian

Instead, I’m trying a whole new tackle on the subject. Tonight I am starting a “Think yourself slim” online course. It’s all about changing how you think and working out WHY you make the choices you do in regards to food, exercise and how this relates to your weight.

I’ve already started making small changes, cutting right back on my soft drink intake (I used to drink coke daily) and I’m being more organised with meals, I find that helps me resist taking the “easy option” which often leans towards take out.  I know these changes alone aren’t enough, but I’m hoping through this course I can find the answers I need as to why I let food have so much control over me, and not me have control over it.


I’m really looking forward to starting this journey and sharing it with you all… I know it’s not going to be easy but I really do believe this is going to help me help myself.  Fingers crossed I have the courage to keep sharing this with you all, and I look forward to the moment I can post a photo saying I honestly love how I look..

Thanks for taking the time to read..

Love Savvyannah



By savvyannah

4 comments on “The Battle continues..

  1. I wish you all the best, and hope you find the weight you are comfortable with. It’s never easy, nor are there any certain ways (just like anything). Still, eating healthier and exercise will make you *feel* better – no matter what the number on the scale says – and that is really the most important, I think.

  2. All the best with this new method, the one that I tend to use is portion control and smaller plates, I’ve found it works well for me and has allowed me to remain stable for quite a while. Just keep your spirits up, if you have a favourite comedian then get a tape of their work, enjoy it when you get stressed. If you have your own mood music, listen to that. In fact find a few song’s you’d like to learn, pump up your MP3 (or preferred music format) and sing along.

    Just remember to have fun where you can, whether its chasing your other half round the supermarket with a halloween severed hand, or having a teddy bear looking round corners and waving at people (I’ve done both), then keep at it. Life should be about fun and joy and whilst somethings cost, its the free things that make life magical.

    My current plan is to pick up a cheap baby chest carrier, put a puppet in it and have it waving at people when I’m going round the supermarket. It’ll make me laugh and add a bit of light humour to the day, so why not do something fun, zany or as some would see it downright crazy. It’ll help.

  3. Best of luck with this, it isn’t an easy thing to maintain the consistent levels of willpower and habit changes that you need, but you sound like you are starting from a good place and I wish you every success.

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