Over the first hurdle

Last night was my first “Change your thinking, love your body slim” class.  I was online for 2 hours with some other ladies from QLD and one fellow South Aussie. 

I can see there are parts of this I am going to love and then there’s the not so much lovin’ parts.  One of the things I really struggle with is the Mirror work. I am required to look in a mirror and say “I love myself” for so many years loving myself simply hasn’t been an option.  It was something my Father used to yell at me and sometimes hit me for because I “Loved myself” I still haven’t been able to do it yet today, but before I go to bed, I am going to look in that mirror and say it. I know it’s going to be hard (which is ridiculous because it’s just words…) but I want this and I’m not giving up.


Today I started on my wii fit.. Holey Moley… I lasted 17 minutes.. I know it’s a poor effort but I was boxing and walking and marching  the whole time, and it’s 17 more minutes of exercise than I would have done last week. So tomorrow, I’m going to go for 20mins and by next weds, I hope I’m doing 30mins.

One of the other things we’ve been asked to do is create a treasure map. A treasure map is a sheet of paper that has pictures of things we want to happen. I’m going to put on there photos of a Kelley Armstrong Cafe Press Jumper I really want.. my husband wants to buy it for me, but I want to like wearing it, I want to look good wearing it, so it has become one of my goals.

Another goal I have is: I want to be able to fit on a roller coaster.. Now I’m not sure I don’t fit, but I don’t want to take the chance.. I won a holiday for family to go to the Gold Coast in Queensland and we are taking the kids to Movie World, and I am scared that I won’t be able to fit on the rides.. so a photo of one of the rides is going on there too.

The next picture to go on there is a funky gorgeous dress.. I’ve been asked to sing at a close friends Wedding next February and I want to look good when I sing.. and I want to be able to hit those high notes so loosing weight is going to help that… so on it goes!

The last picture going on there will be one of a family chasing a ball or some sort of physical family activitity. I want to be able to play with my kids and not be out of breathe… so on it goes.

Thanks again for sharing this journey with me.. and don’t despair, my blog isn’t always going to be about my weight loss!



By savvyannah

8 comments on “Over the first hurdle

  1. Positive visualization is always a great help toward any goal. I’m glad they are recommending it – since a lot of methods mostly focus on the mechanics of how to exercise or what to eat.

    Best of luck, and just keep looking ahead.

  2. Motivation is the key to anything and the fact that you lasted 17 minutes on your first go is really good. I’ve been doing the UFC trainer on the Xbox and that thing nearly kills me after a 40 minute session. I’m working my way up to things and trying to have fun with it. If you’re having problems with the mirror, perhaps just get a hand mirror rather than a full length.

    Likewise look at things another way, your husband loves you to pieces, so regardless of what your father told you, listen to a true man, one who see’s the beauty before him. The emotional scars are the hardest to heal but talk to your partner, explain things and this technique and ask him how he’d deal with it. You’ll feel a lot better and remember the world can be an awfully wonderful place when you get a hug.

  3. There seem to be some helpful aspects to this course as Gareth and Matthew have already mentioned – you’ve given yourself some great motivators – my personal favourite is the jumper. 🙂 Try and keep it fun, and it’ll make it easier in the long run. We’re all rooting for you. You go girl! 🙂

    • Wow, thanks everyone… All of your comments actually brought a tear to my eye.. It’s so great having this sort of encouragement. 🙂
      Thank you

  4. You might also try fast-walking (if you’re not already).

    Walking is a wonderful aerobic exercise and great for supplementing all the other approaches you’re taking. And it’s best when it’s done for an hour, if possible.

    Perhaps you can work up toward taking one-hour walks in the evenings or mornings, and try to reach a speed of 7 or 8 kilometers per hour (5 miles per hour for Americans). It’s less stressful impact than jogging and can be maintained for longer and easier to achieve. Net results are aerobic, great toning of the entire leg, metabolism-effects, plus all the brain-chemical releases that extended exercise produces and that help reset moods.

    By metabolism-effects, what I mean is that metabolism tends to seek equilibrium. Introducing new, long-term (and preferable very long-term) changes will cause the equilibrium to seek a new “normal.” Some people better enjoy the social aspect of being around others in exercise classes or weight-loss groups. Other people enjoy solitary walks in the evenings or mornings. It’s really about finding what works for you and makes you happy.

    • Thanks for the idea Matthew 🙂
      I’m hoping to use the time where I would normally be sitting in the car at school waiting for the children to get out and go for a walk..
      Feeling rather ick today (have caught my sons cold, so I’m using today to work on my Treasure Map..Hopefully have some pics to put up with my next blog.

  5. Losing weight it so hard. Keep up the motivation and it slowly becomes easier. don’t punish yourself either if you have a bad day here or there. Just get back up and get back into your habits. 🙂 Never good to feel guilty for allowing yourself some spoils now and again 😉

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