Off to a good start

I can’t wait for May to be finished! Goodness me what topsy turvy month it has been!

Here’s the brief run down:

Found out my 5yo son has a blockage in his bowel (much better than the diabetes they suspected) He’s been on meds now for 2 weeks and is starting to make progress.

Finally started making progress with my daughter Miss 9 (almost 27 lol) anxiety issues and sleeping issues.

Began my weightloss journey..  Here’s my vision poster:Photobucket

Just to explain it a bit:  The roller coaster is because I want to go on the RollerCoasters in QLD with my family and have FUN.. The Love is about Loving myself, The two dresses are because when I sing at my friends wedding in Feb next year they are the type of dresses I would like to wear. The family jogging is because I want to be active with my family. The jogger is because I want to be able to run and jog without falling over.  I have placed Adele on there because I want to be able to sing again, full of confidence and not hide.  The Fresh fruit and vegetables are because I eat a lot of crap and don’t like a lot of healthy foods.. so I really want to change my eating habits and enjoy what I eat.  The underwear is because I want to be able wear sexy stuff like that and not want to turn the lights off.  I’ve written “I am 75kg” because that’s my goal weight.

and the most recent installment:

My husband was hospitalised last night with severe tonsilitis.. the poor guy, his tonsils were so swollen they were touching each other.  He’s home now (thank fully) He’s been giving a referal to see a ENT surgeon to have his tonsils removed, which I am so grateful for.  This is the 3rd time this year he’s had tonsilitis, and it’s gotten worse each time.

Next wednesday my stepson is turning 12.. so for something different we have decided to give him a “surprise party” at home with family and close friends.

Nick has had a rough year, he has been bullied a fair bit, and the worst part was it was from his only friend. So knowing he doesn’t have any friends to invite I  decided to invite all his Aunties & Uncles and some close family friends as well as the Grandparents.. I am hoping that Nick can see just how special he really is.

My weight loss journey hasn’t been so brilliant since around Friday-ish.. I had a minor throat infection and then with Aaron getting sick I sort of didn’t handle stress levels to well.. but saying that I only had two 600ml cokes, instead of having a 2lt coke so go me!

I’m currently trying to motivate myself to do some form of excercise.. my Husband is curled up in the lounge so the wii is out of the question, it’s freezing cold outside right now so I’m not keen on going out doors..

I think while my 5yo is at Auskick this afternoon I will use that time to walk around the football oval. I have to be outside then anyway, so I may as well do something for myself while I am at it.

I’m off to scour recipe books, and to spend some time with my hubby.



By savvyannah

8 comments on “Off to a good start

  1. Good luck all around on all fronts.

    That will be tough for your husband, having tonsils out as an adult. But with the problems he’s been having with them, it’s probably for the better.

    I’m sorry to hear about the problems your stepson has been having. Not an easy time at that age, when social pressures and the need to conform and be accepted are so very strong. Best of luck to him, too.

  2. Thanks guys 🙂
    My husband is now almost all better (yay!) my cold has come back, with a vengeance! (grr) my step son does not suspect a thing about his party for tomorrow (Yay) and all the kids are going to a friends house tonight for a sleep over so hubby and I can watch a movie (free tickets!) and get ready for the party tomorrow.

  3. Your life is … complex. 😛 Tell your hubby all of your writing mates are hoping he can join you in singing again soon, and your son that people get a lot easier as you get older. I was pretty much a loner around that age too.

    Best wishes for hitting you goal too… I think the poster is a great motivator and reminder of why you’re neglecting your chocolate hoard’s feelings…

    • Thanks TJ, I had a giggle when I read this.. you think that’s complicated.. I could write a book on complication!! Somehow though I manage to make it all work (most of the time!)
      Not too sure about Hubby singing with me, you’d have more luck with my daughter singing (i’ve asked her and she’s agreed, now to get the pc programme to work!) so far everything goal wise is going well.. I said goodbye permanently to 1.6kgs this week 😀

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