Complicated hey?

So turns out things weren’t quite ready to slow down just yet!

This week has been good, but the complications are still here, and to be honest, I think they always will be, I’m just learning new tactics about how to process them all.

Friday night all three of my kids went to a friends for a sleep over and my hubby and I went to see Dark Shadows (I won tickets!) so we had a night out that cost us $11 (can’t go to the movies without Popcorn!) came home and started madly making things for Nick’s surprise party.

Saturday we picked the youngest two up, and Nick stayed at our friends to “help her out” while we set up. When I went to pick him up for the party he still had no idea, and as I pulled in the driveway I made him close his eyes, I helped him up the front steps and when we got him inside he opened his eyes and everyone yelled “SURPRISE!” The look on his face was priceless, he went bright red and gave me the biggest hug.. it was such a beautiful moment, and I must admit I teared it up a bit!

I made these super cool cupcakes, spagetti and meatballsImage

which Nick adored! and my hubby made him a train cake, which Nick also loved.. but lets just say, there weren’t any cupcakes left 😉

Sunday was an almost lazy day, we watched Nick play footy and then chilled out and listened to the rain, I could do that all day!!

Monday saw my husband going back to work, after a week off for tonsilitis, My stepson Nick was back off to his Mother’s for the week and my 2 children (Aanya and Aramis) were off to school.

Tuesday, was amazing! I have found out from Shannon Noll‘s  management team that I will get to meet him, in PERSON when he comes to my home town in September.. I screamed… and screamed.. and then screamed. My heart was pounding like you seriously would not believe, and for the rest of the night not a lot was absorbed into my brain!  

Wednesday I headed on down to my local Theater where Shannon will be preforming, to see if the tickets were on sale yet (a woman was SUPPOSED to notify me as soon as they came up for sale) only to find out, yes they are for sale… but there are only TWO seats left in the front row and they can’t reserve them for me.. I had $70 to last me the week.. (after having hubby in hospital and Nick’s birthday my purse was empty) I had gone from being on a complete HIGH to hitting the bottom, rolling a little and then falling over the side. To say I was sad would be an understatement. I went to visit a friend and cried and cried… I was talking in such a high pitch voice and was talking so fast I’m surprised she could understand me! 

This beautiful friend of mine went over to an ATM and withdrew the money so that I could get front row tickets! I was so excited, back on a high again!  

Wednesday was Nick’s 12 birthday… We were all really excited. I had to go to his school before picking him up and have a meeting with his Mother and the Hearing Impairment co-ordinator. I felt like I had been doing 15 rounds with Mike Tyson.  I was so drained. I could really have a whole blog dedicated to how much this woman makes things complicated, but there seriously is not enough words in the English language to fully explain how exaspareted I feel when I have to constantally deal with lies, deception and sheer stupidity,

Anyway, so today, Thursday in my part of the world, I weighed myself.. I really didn’t want to because last week I didn’t loose a thing, but OMG I am so proud of myself! I am down 2.3kgs and I did my best effort on the wii so far.  I did 9 mins of Yoga first, I’m really enjoying the stretching, not the hardcore stuff just the palm tree, warrior and sun salutation. I then moved on to the step areobics and then set it up so I could do 20 mins of free stepping whilst watching Supernatural. 

I almost gave up when the remote told me I had only been going for 5 mins. At the 10 min mark, I really wanted to whip this chirpy voice’s butt.. by 15mins, I had started talking back to it! Thankfully when the 20mins had finished I had enough marbles left to sit down and realize what I had just achieved. I had almost done 30 mins (was 29mins) of exercise, and REAL exercise, none of this “I’m walking to the fridge” business… and I actually felt good.. who would have thought hey?

So tonight I’m sitting here typing and you know what? I actually feel good about myself. I feel like maybe I do have something to offer this world, and maybe I’m good enough to make it listen! I’m still struggling with my mirror work, well that’s stretching the truth, struggling implies I’m attempting it. I still have not managed to pick the darn thing up and look into the mirror and say “I love you” but I think tonight may just be the night!

Today also had some down points, my hubby was back at the doctor again, he has tonsillitis, finished taking the antibiotics 3 days ago and it’s reared it’s ugly head already! Thankfully this time we caught it before he couldn’t breathe properly! So please keep your fingers crossed for me that his Doctor can remove them soon!

But tomorrow is another day, and I’m loving that I’m able to share my thoughts with you all.. I haven’t given up on posting a song either.. am tossing up between Jace Everett’s “Bad Things”, Alannah Myles “Black Velvet” or Shannon Noll’s “Switch me on”.

So watch this space, cos I’m coming back next week!




By savvyannah

7 comments on “Complicated hey?

  1. Your week really has been up and down, but I’m glad you got the concert tickets. 🙂

    Your son seems to have had an especially good time, but I’m praying your hubby’s throat gets sorted soon.

    Good luck with the weight loss, 2.3Kg is a lot.

    If the mirror thing is proving tricky, just look into your hubby’s eyes as he looks at you – you’ll find the truth there. 🙂

  2. Wow! Busy week. And it’s so wonderful your friend did that for you, helping to get the tickets. That’s an example of what makes friendships such an important and high part of our lives – the immediate generous acts of another when we need them most.

  3. Hi, I just want you to know I left a comment, but the internet seems to have eaten it. 😦

    I just wanted to wish you all the best, and it was nice to be able to share your news. Life seems to dish out these ‘hold on tight’ weeks, that are wildly up and down…

  4. I love and hate weeks like that – on one hand I love that I’m busy and the week goes by so fast but then I hate that I have no idea where it all went and feel totally drained by it at the end. Thanks for sharing a bit of your life with us… it’s nice to know I’m not the only one who has to deal with bad parenting of step-children…but at least he has you and his dad to help balance things out!

    I hope you have a good week next week too – keep up the workouts and as soon as I get the ok from the doc – I’ll probably be joining you in struggling through exercises and motivation!

  5. Congratulations on the weight loss 🙂 Busy weeks tend to help burn those calories and it sounds like you’ve had a busy time! Those cupcakes looked great too 🙂

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