The numbess washes over me.. I am blind and yet I see.

My heart has dropped a thousand miles,

Why is it so hard to believe?

The flame that once burned so bright, is all but a soften glow.

I’ve tried, I’ve cried, I’ve died inside. Not that you would ever know.


Somehow this has consumed you. You’re now nothing but a shell..

It’s almost like you’ve come to believe you deserve your own personal hell.

Despite it all, despite my tears, my anger and my pain.

I will never ever give up hope, that one day you’ll say my name.


And instead of saying it with hatered, full of bitterness and spite.

You’ll understand the choice I made, the one that haunts me til this night.

Until that day I live in hope, that tomorrow will be the day.

The day you make the choice and say I no longer wish to  live this way.

And when you do, reach out for help, and follow it all the way through.

Just know I’ll be standing here, arms wide open ready to  say I love you.

By savvyannah

11 comments on “Numbness

  1. Honest, heartfelt and moving. Poetry is very much open to interpretation by the reader, so forgive me if I have taken something from it other than you intended. For me, it spoke of the loss of someone close to an addiction – and the mix of pain and hope that comes with that. It also seemed to talk about the having to let go, and distance yourself when the addict’s behaviour becomes too much to live with, for whatever reason.

    That’s what the poem meant to me, and as it had meaning, it’s a hit. 🙂

    • Thanks guys.. My blog wasn’t going to be about this.. But just as I opened my netbook I got some news that I really didn’t want to have to deal with so I wrote…
      And wow, did it help..
      I’m beginning to find the love of writing I had in my childhood.. So thanks for all of your support.. It really does help.

      • “I’m beginning to find the love of writing I had in my childhood..”

        Many people find writing incredibly cathartic – your’re in good company; books like The Diary of Anne Frank have given their creators release and a way of coping, and some have even become classics…

  2. Wow, I nearly cried. Your patiences is far stronger than mine. But I guess it depends on what caused the separation. *hugs* Glad it made you feel better about what ever news you received. 🙂

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