hmm and ahh.

So I have had a few awkward health issues lately..  and I though (after some prodding from friends) I thought I should get my act together and head to the drs..

to cut a long story short, I had to have some blood tests done and maybe and MRI scan depending on the results. The Dr suspects my pituitary gland is working over time, and if it’s just that I can be fixed with medication.. but if it’s because of a growth it can mean other stuff.  99% of the time the growths are benign.. but sometimes they aren’t.

I still have to wait and find out when my husbands tonsils are coming out and my 5yo is still having minor problems with his bowel.. I simply do not have time to be sick.  argh!

so i’m probably getting worried about nothing.. and I can’t do anything about it.. I won’t have any results until at least Monday.. going to be a long weekend..

I feel really silly complaining and worrying about this.. there are plenty others out there who are far worse off than me..  but I can’t help it.  

so that’s my whinge over and done with.. next blog will be happier.. I promise!

Love Savvyannah



By savvyannah

4 comments on “hmm and ahh.

  1. It isn’t what’s wrong, so much as what could be wrong that worries most people – your reaction is nothing unusual. Normally statistics are dull and horrible, but at this stage they are still on your side – so grab life this weekend by the horns and try to put your (natural) worries aside, at least until Monday.

    Praying and crossing fingers the news is good and everyone gets well soon…

    • You the nail right on the head there T, its the possibilities that have me freaked out!
      Had an interesting chat with the receptionist at the clinic today, and I have an appointment with the dr Monday. So I will have more answers then. In the meantime ill be taking your advice, so thank you 🙂

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