School holidays

I’m really looking forward to school holidays.. 2 weeks at home with the kids. No early morning starts and plenty of time for hugs 🙂
I am once again running my Children’s Affirmation and Meditation Workshop, where I teach children how to use affirmations for everyday life and also introduce them to meditation, allowing them to become relaxed and let their imaginations help guide their meditative journeys.
I’m also thinking about how I will fit in going to the gym during the holidays, at this stage I’m going to go when my husband gets home from work. I am really proud of how often I’ve been going to the gym, this week I have been everyday except one!
So far I’ve been really surprised at how much I am enjoying going to the gym, I find myself thinking about it at night, working out how I’ll fit it in to my next days schedule.. The biggest surprise so far is how disappointed I feel when I realize that I have to leave the gym and head home!
I’m still only on the treadmill, but I’m trying really hard to push myself a little bit harder each time, whether it’s an extra 5-10mins on the treadmill or upping the speed I’m walking at.

We have a family function on the weekend to go to, we’ve arranged babysitters for our children.. I was a bit concerned about some of the people that will be there, when they drink they have a tendency to become rude and disrespectful, and really inappropriate around children. Since its for my brother in laws birthday, we can’t really not go, but I can at least make sure the kids aren’t subjected to anything they shouldn’t be.
I really should add that the crazy people aren’t our family.. My BIL’s GF has a family (herself included) that would put most Jerry Springfield guests to shame. There seems to be dramas anytime more than three of them get together, mostly revolving around conversations that go like this:
person one “what did you say about my best friends brothers girlfriends daughter?”
person two “I didn’t say nuffin”
Person one “bullshit, my Aunties best friends sister heard you and she don’t tell lies”
Person three “if you don’t leave my cuz alone ima gunna smack you in the head”
Person one “and besides, you don’t even have no friends cos you just write shit on Facebook all day”
Usually at this point, there’s a mad scramble for phones, so they can all update there statuses (blocked by myself months ago) and find out how many people believe that person two is a “skanky lame faced hoe”
I’m hoping that most of this can at least wait until after the cake, I’d really like to have some before we leave!
Anyway, thanks again for allowing me to share part of my life with you.
Enjoy your weekend, and be sure to have fun!

Love Savvyannah

By savvyannah

5 comments on “School holidays

  1. I think Dianne has had a great idea – they would make great characters in a story of almost any genre (although you may want to change the accents for something like a Tolkien style fantasy). You could try comedy – a modern version of the Three Stooges maybe? 😉

    Congrats on keeping the gym thing going, and it’s really positive what you are doing with the kids – modern education seems to neglect developing good character and lifestyle skills…

    • Thanks T,
      Maybe after tomorrow night I’ll have some more materials.
      And thank you for your comments about my workshops, I really love working with children and empowering them to believe in themselves 🙂

  2. Not so sure about things but to be honest I’d probably tell them to leave if they can’t behave like adults. You wouldn’t let kids get away with it so why let them?

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