Oh happy day

Today was my drs appointment, and I am thrilled to say YAY! It’s nothing serious 🙂
The only issues I have at the moment are that my estrogen levels are really low, but that is easily fixed 🙂 not sure if I will take the medication for it or not yet as it may make me put on weight. The dr has said its my choice..
Taking the medication will make my skin less greasy and possibly give me more energy cos sometimes I fall in a bit of a hole. If I don’t take the medication nothing will change BUT I will not get any worse. So I have a little bit of thinking to do, the dr also said that I can try the meds for a few months and decide from their if the changes are worth it.
So yay yay and YAY! So very glad and relieved it isn’t breast cancer or anything else nasty!

By savvyannah

4 comments on “Oh happy day

  1. Obviously, it’s not fantastic news as you’re still a bit poorly, but it’s a heck of a lot better than it might have been. YAYEE!!! At least you can relax… 🙂

    • Sure can T! But thankfully because I’ve been exercising I’m not as bad as I could have been.. Levels would still have been low but being heavier would have made the tiredness worse.
      So glad I’m going to be ok 😀

  2. Great to hear that its looking a lot better Savvyannah. The one thing to remember is that it “may” not “will” put weight on. Also remember with the energy pick up, you’ll find yourself doing more so that will help combat any side effects.

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