Brag time

Hi guys,
I truly believe I have the most amazing children in the world… And I’m not biased! 😛
So l’d like to share some precious moments with you all.
This first link is my daughter (she was 9 at the time) reading a story she wrote for me as a birthday present for me this February.. I loved it!

This video is my 5 year old son and I singing a song I made up for him (to the tune of you are my sunshine) and we sing it together everyday. Sometimes several times a day!
It started off with him singing “my baby” but then he decided that since he was 5 he must be my big baby.. I disagreed and said, no nick is the big baby, he’s 12, so you have to be little… We’ve come to the compromise of medium baby hehehe

Finally I would like to share part of a family tradition I had started before my youngest was even born. When I grew up we would have tea watching the news (a common thing in Australia) and we were supposed to be quiet so my parents could listen. It used to drive me nuts! I had so many important things to share about my day! And at 5 years old, I didn’t understand how current affairs could be more important that who I played with at school!
So when my children were old enough to talk, we started a tradition, where the TV is turned off, and we each take it in turns to say “my good thing for the day was….” once you have shared you get to ask someone else. The children love it and I love it.. I love hearing about what was so important to them on that day, and I love that if they’ve had a bad day, we talk about it as a family and help them to see at least one good thing that has happened on that day.. Sort of teaching about the silver lining 😉
Around my birthday this year, the kids thought it would be fun to sing our good thing for the day, so every Friday night we sing it. We can sing in any style we like, and we laugh so much! My husband has even sung opera style one night, and mr 12 had tears streaming down his cheeks!
So this is a snippet, of my youngest, Aramis singing his good thing for the day.

I think this tradition is one of the ones I am most proud of, it always brings happiness and laughter, and allows each child to see that their day does matter. They, matter!
I love that they have embraced this and share it with their friends… So I’m going to ask you, what was your good thing for today?

Until next time

By savvyannah

3 comments on “Brag time

  1. I think it’s important to remember the good things in our lives – and especially true when harder times arise. It centers us and maintains perspective.

    But it’s definitely hard, and I think it’s a wonderful thing to begin teaching your kids so that it becomes easier to consider the things going right, and not just any things that may not be happening as we planned or expected.

  2. The story was lovely 🙂 and your son’s song was SO cute. I loved the accents too. 😉

    I loved the way you’ve made family time with the kids and are making an effort to share your lives together and not just co-habit. I hope it works when they are teenagers! We try to get our five year old to tell us about his day, but we usually get the, “I played and did stuff,” response. *Sigh*

    • Thanks T 🙂
      Keep persevering with your young one, eventually you’ll find out that they really do things and, what “stuff” is hehehe.

      I love family meal times, my favourite is always Friday because I never know how the kids are going to sing.. It’s so much fun, and they look forward to it 🙂

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