Another week

This week has been a mixed one.. My 5year old still has an ear infection, and is still on meds, but is very much improving (yay) I have a sinus infection, and my 12 year old has the flu. Aramis (my 5yo) has the flu too, but has almost fully recovered 😀

Sadly I’ve only been to the gym once this week, it’s hard during school holidays! Am hoping to get there over the weekend.. Otherwise I’m just going to have to get the wii fit out 🙂

I also had a lovely group of kids today for my affirmation and meditation workshop. This workshop was aimed at teaching the children how to use affirmations. I helped them write their own, which we then laminated for them to either put up at home, or use at school.

I’ve also contacted a homeopath about possibly ordering some drops to help balance my hormones. I’m looking into all my options right now. The first one is completely ruled out as it has been proven to increase the risk of womb cancer! No thank you! The second option is a low pill, but as I mentioned in my previous post could make me put on weight, but as Gareth mentioned, I will have more energy so exercising will be easier so that may counteract the weight gain issue.. But I wanted to see if there was a more natural option, so I’m looking into this woman, who is local to my hometown as well.. No decisions made as yet, but I’m exploring my options!


By savvyannah

4 comments on “Another week

  1. Best of luck on the medications.

    And as for the affirmations, I think it’s a great idea. It’s understandable that every child will see them in different ways. But that kind of thing can surprisingly stick with someone. When I was a kid, a motivational speaker spoke with us about the power of positive thinking, summed up as “I Can.” Some of the kids goofed off and made fun of the whole thing. But I actually remembered it over the years – not the talk itself, but the message stayed with me.

    • Thanks Matthew. I really hope what I teach stays with them. I love how each child experiences meditation in such a different way to another, it fascinates me 🙂

  2. I can’t remember the exact quote, or who said it, but it goes along the lines of:

    For every negative thing that is said to someone, it takes five positive things to balance it out.

    Affirmations for kids is a great idea. Kids are kids, so they are frequently told to stop doing things, or they’re doing it wrong. It can get easy to be negative as a parent, especially when you’re tired. But put some positive reminders around the house and it can help us to remember to say, “I love you,” more than, “Don’t do that!”

    P.S. I hope your family gets better soon. My illusions are shattered. I had a mental image of Bruces and Shielas tanned and healthy, surfing, roller-blading and generally being super-humanly healthy – instead it sounds like you need a Red Cross mission. 😦 Get well soon!

    • Ah I laughed so much at your image of an Aussie.. I’m not a fan of the beach and my skin is so pale it’s dangerously reflective in the summer! But thank you for your kind thoughts, we are on the mend! Finally!!!!

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