The Lovely blog award




A few weeks ago, the very lovely TJ from Word on the net nominated me for the lovely blog award.

I was deeply humbled and shocked.. I didn’t realize people were actually reading my blog AND remembering who I was 🙂 Twas a lovely moment!

Now, i’m to give you seven facts about myself so here goes:


1. I am clairvoyant.. Yes I see dead people.. but not like that.. well sometimes like that, but mostly not.

2. I have 3 children, my 12yo Stepson, my 10yo (going on 25) daughter and my 5yo “baby” son 

3. This September will mark my 11th anniversary to my husband

4. I have a deeply irrational fear to cottonwool.. I know this is ridiculous, hence “irrational”

5. I have a triquatra tattoo on my left foot due to my  love for “Charmed” 

6. I love to read. Kelley Armstrong is my all time favorite author.. last year I met her (15th Of August to be precise) where she gave me Becoming and asked if I wanted to be a Beta reader for 13.. 

7. I love to sing and dance.. I’ve been known to do both at the supermarket… actually I’m thinking that could be why my kids hate shopping with me so much? 😉


So here’s my nominations, check them out 🙂


1. Steve McHugh… This guy is awesome.. he writes fantastic blogs, check him, and his book: Crimes against Magic out.. 

2.Danielle La Paglia  Danni writes awesome Flash Fiction.. it’s amazingf stuff

3. E.R.’s Mind Madness ER writes about a lot of things, her pets, her family… I love reading it all.

4. Thoughts of a Scot.  I love the different book reviews, but my favourite would have to be the one where she writes about typical Scot words & sayings.. I loved that!

5. Matthew Lee Adams, Matthew is the author of the Winter Fade series and posts about writing tips.


Well guys, I hope you’ve enjoyed my blogs this week.. until next time

Much love from

Savvyannah xx


By savvyannah

6 comments on “The Lovely blog award

  1. Hi Tamara,

    It’s nice to find out a little more about you. Congrats on eleven years, we celebrated our eleventh this year too.

    I’ve never met anyone with a fear of cottonwool, but something so apparently white, soft, and harmless-looking must be planning something behind your back… 😉

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