My own little piece of Heaven


For those of you who know me from the forum, you would be familiar with Kelley Armstrong’s Novella “Angelic” which was published via Subterranean Press.

For so long I have wished that I owned a copy of this book.. and towards the end of last year it became a high priority of mine to purchase it. I searched everywhere I could think of looking for a copy of Angelic.  I even began looking on international Amazon sites! 

When Kelley so kindly donated a bunch of her books for the JD charity auction I was hopeful that maybe I could win it via auction, but sadly it was not meant to be. At the same time, one of my best friends (who I met through Kelley’s forum) mentioned how she too would be bidding on some of Kelley’s books.. she was hoping to win the 13 pack, with all three covers. Kelley once again had offered a bonus to anyone from the forum who won any of the auctions.. the bonus for the 13 pack was a choice of any of Kelley’s published works… Angelic was included! 

I mentioned to ER that if she won and didn’t want any of the other bonuses (She has an extensive collection, much bigger than mine) I could buy Angelic off her to help cover costs. Sadly when the auction came to an end, ER emailed me saying that she didn’t win the auction. She was really disappointed because she was hoping to get the exclusive necklace that came with it. So we shared a few “bummed” out conversations about what could have been and returned once again to searching for Angelic online.

Finding a copy of Angelic became my new hobby, I spent a lot of time searching for her.. Things were looking really dismal when I came across a copy on ebay for $3000….. I burst into tears and sat sobbing on my couch.. My husband (bless him and his patience) looked up at me and asked what was wrong. I explained that I just could not find an affordable copy of Angelic, and I desperately wanted her for my collection.. I couldn’t even get her as an ebook due to territory restrictions.

Aaron looked up at me and, as my heart sat pounding in my chest, said the words I really did not want to hear. “Please stop looking for it.. it’s making you so upset” My response was probably not the best.. I looked at him with tears running down my cheeks and said that I didn’t want to give up. He took a deep breathe and said, “How about, you stop looking for it, UNTIL we come back from our holiday, and then you can buy a copy.. I promise. It can be your next big purchase”

So I agreed to put my search on pause for a few months and emailed ER to tell her about it all.  ER emailed me back and said she thought Aaron was right.. but to help me out (and really to help me keep my promise) she offered to “Have my back” she would continue searching for me and if she found a copy that was in good condition and at a reasonable price she would let me know. Once I was home from my holiday we would team up and search together.  As hard as it was to take a step back I agreed.

Low and behold, a few weeks after that I woke up one morning and checked the forum, someone was selling a copy of Angelic for a bargain! The night before was the first night in a month that I had gone to bed early and I had missed the post by about 15mins! Someone had already grabbed the bargain, so I emailed the seller and asked if I could please be put on a back up list just in case the sale fell through.

Once again I emailed ER and said how close I had come, but oh well.. back to the drawing board! 

The children started their school holidays, and I was very much distracted from worrying about not searching for Angelic. The first week was awful.. I am the sort of mother who loves school holidays, I get teary when they have to go back to school. If you had come to my house in the first week and asked if the kids could go back to school tomorrow I would have said “Yee-Har” and started to twirl my pants in the air ! The start of the second week, they had calmed down a bit (thanks to a visit to my Auntie and a chat about good manners and not arguing with siblings!) and we decided to come home early due to the rain. 

We pulled in the driveway and I asked my daughter Aanya to check the mail.. She yelled out that there was a parcel from Sarah, and I assumed it was a novel I had brought off her a few weeks ago so I said bring it inside and we can open it once I’m in.


So I opened my parcel and noticed the invoice said $200.. I figured finally the postal system was acknowledging Kelley’s awesomeness! and didn’t think much of it. Until I saw these stickers


“Tamara, Sorry, I lied”……. I was like.. Huh?! and then OMG! it all starting clicking into place.. I looked at my daughter and started yelling “Get the, get the, get the!!!!” whilst making scissor actions with my fingers. Poor Aanya was standing there going “Mum, are you ok!” But I couldn’t get enough words out.. I ended up ripping open the package where I found


A sticker saying “Huge thanks to Aaron” by this point I was crying like a slightly crazy person! I rang my husband (at his work) and was crying into the phone.. all he said was “So it’s arrived then”


My own copy of Angelic.. After I read the letter ER had put with it I was a bubbling mess… she had GIVEN me this copy, and even had Kelley sign it to me. She had done this for no other reason other than she knew how badly I wanted this book and wanted to do something nice for me.  I quickly managed to skype ER and started crying all over again! It was then she explained to me how Aaron became involved with the plan, how she had to let people on the forum in on the secret so I wouldn’t buy the copy available on there, even how Alison and Kelley both came to play their roles too. To say I was touched by this would be an understatement. To know that somewhere in the world someone cares this much for me is amazing and humbling. Still now thinking about it gets me teary! ER is without a doubt my Rainbow (and I tell her this all the time) to have a friend like her his amazing. She never judges, is caring and kind and lets face it she is FREAKING AWESOME..

Not only had she given me this gorgeous book, but managed to get it signed to ME! but she also had made me a beautiful cross stitch which is now framed in my lounge room where I can see it every day, (which is wonderful if the day is not so good!) and a photo collage which has photos of us meeting Kelley Armstrong. These gifts mean as much to me (if not more) as Angelic.  I still have the box she posted it in too!

So that’s the story about how a girl in Australia had her faith restored in humanity by a girl in America.. It’s amazing that all this has come from reading Dime Store Magic almost 8 years ago, who would have thought hey?!

until next time, keep smiling and remember, you are never really alone, someone, somewhere cares about you!

Love Savvyannah xxxx

By savvyannah

6 comments on “My own little piece of Heaven

  1. There’s nothing quite like a special friend making your, day, week, month, and probably year with an amazing gift. I’m glad you got what you’ve been after for so long. 🙂

  2. This is the type of thing that I love about Kelley’s forum, the way that so many go out of their way to help others. There’s few places that do that. Enjoy your special item Savvyannah.

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