Motivation, where’d you go?

So my weightless journey seems to be stalling.. Not quite sure why.. Am thinking its because my gym pass ran out? But I haven’t even been interested in playing my wii fit either..
I’m worried about slipping into bad habits again, so tomorrow I will make sure I have breakfast before I leave the house and I’m going to stick to my water bottle and fight the cravings for soft drink..

Maybe I could blame it on stress… I don’t know, but the last week just been I just really wasn’t feeling the exercise pull. When I had my 10 visit pass for the gym I was more structured about my day.. I would take the kids to school, head to the gym and the rest of my day would go from there..
Maybe I need to drop the kids at school and then go for a walk before I head home?

I know I could get another pass, but it’s $90AU and we are going on holidays next week so I really don’t want to spend that, but then I guess I could argue that I’m spending money on crappy food anyway because my motivation is lacking… Goodness me I’m annoying myself with this! I hope it’s not driving you guys nuts too!

One positive point is a tried a nightie on last night that I haven’t worn in over 6 years and it fit! So that was exciting.. Maybe I need to start re-evaluating goals or something?

At least tomorrow is a new day, so I can make new choices and get back on this fitness kick.. I know I can do it, I just need to stick with it.

Hope you guys are having a great week..

Love Savvyannah xx

By savvyannah

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