What to write about when you’re not sure what to write about

I have started to write this blog 4 times now, and each time, I scrubbed it out and started again..it would seem everything I wrote was complete rubbish and was even boring me!
My motivation is beginning to sneak back in, thank goodness… But it’s slow! I feel really tired and lethargic and keeping up with the housework seems to be taking it out of me at the moment.
Saying that though, I am sleeping a little bit better, and am going to bed earlier, and I think that is helping.

I also seem to be getting side-tracked easily… You may have noticed!
Speaking of being side tracked, I came across a TV show a few weeks ago called “Outnumbered” the daughter in this series I think her name is Karen, is so much like my daughter Aanya… Not looks wise, but personality wise. It reminded me of when (see, I told you I’m a side-track-Sally at the moment) Aanya was four and had to have her four year old immunisations.

The nurse giving the immunization had known me since I was a baby (she went to school with my Mum) and thought it was lovely that she did my immunizations and was now doing my daughters. We took Aanya into the little room, and Aanya sat down. The nurse came over and asked Aanya to roll her sleeves up and explained that it would just hurt “a little bit, like a mosquito bite”

To this day I still laugh when I remember the look of horror on the nurses face after the way Aanya reacted. After the first shot, Aanya looked the nurse fair in the eye and screamed “How could you do that to a little kid?! Don’t you know that hurts! Ow!!!”
To be honest, I’m not sure I comforted the right person.. I think the nurse needed a hug more than Aanya did!

Anyway, back to the point I was making is that this character Karen, could really have been modeled on my daughter, it’s scary! My husband and I have even started looking at each other saying “you gave me a goat!” (from one of the Christmas episodes) whenever Aanya goes on one of her lectures about what ever topic is fascinating her at the moment. (this week it has been whether or not time travel could actually be possible, and if so, would the cost it would take to power the fuel source be worth the benefits that time travel would give, considering that changing the past may alter the future… And in case you are wondering, she is 10!)

Oh, and this time next week I’ll be packing for our holiday! Yay!

So until my next update, stay safe and tell someone you love them!

Love Savvyannah xxx

By savvyannah

2 comments on “What to write about when you’re not sure what to write about

  1. Go for it Savvyannah, hope the holiday goes well. I think thats part of the magic of writing that if you do it well, there are people like the character out there. Finding one that is familiar and you can identify with hopefully gives you some idea about rounding your own characters out so others can identify with them.

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