One more sleep!

So tomorrow sees my family and I departing on our very first proper holiday EVER!!
Needless to say the kids are super excited, the youngest two have been having some sort of competition to see who can wake up the earliest and then be the grumpiest by bed time bless them!
Tonight, however is the first night in Aanya’s whole entire life where she hasn’t come out at all after we have tucked her in! Amazing stuff!!

Our suitcases are packed, the car is full of fuel and we are almost ready to go! I can’t believe how quick the time has flown!
I actually won this holiday through yellow pages online last year, when I got the original email, I honestly thought it was spam, but just incase I figured I could ring the number, I did vaguely remember entering a competition with prizes like this!
The poor lady who took my phone must have thought I was a nutter! When she told me what I won, my response was “oh yeah….” to which she said “isn’t that exciting!”

It took a little while to sink in, but when it did I could not wipe the smile from my face, all up I won:
4 flights to Brisbane
4 nights accommodation at a resort in Noosa
4 surfing lessons
4 days car hire (it’s a big 4WD!)
And the spending money covered my 5yo’s flight and accommodation!

I have a friend who lives on the gold coast so we extended our flights and car hire and are spending an extra 4 days in QLD with her..

Now, just incase this wasn’t exciting enough, my husband brought for me tickets to the Hay House I can do it! Seminar in Melbourne, so on Sunday I get to meet Doreen Virtue! This is another dream come true and I’m so happy! Then after our holiday is over and we are home, I will be celebrating my 11year wedding anniversary and going to meet Shannon Noll (squee!!!) before going to his concert and sitting in the FRONT ROW!

Exciting times people! And I can’t wait to share it all with you!

Until next time
Love Savvyannah xxx

By savvyannah

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