What is the go with feet?

Ok, so here I am stuck on the couch due to tonsillitis (even though I don’t have tonsils ~ go figure!) and looking down at my feet I can’t help but wonder, what is the go with feet?

Seriously, they creep me out.. And toe nails really bother me.. I hate the buggers.. So much that I have this annoying habit where I cut them back so short you can’t see any white bits of the nail, this drives my darling husband crazy, he’s forever telling me I’ll end up with ingrown toenails.. And ok, so I’ve had two, but two in 11 years of marriage really isn’t that bad is it?

The other thing that bugs me about feet is that I have never seen good looking feet, this includes my own. My second toes are slightly taller than my big toes, my little toes for some freaky reason don’t have a joint, and my little toes also really have toe nails only about .5mm long, if that. If that isn’t enough of a reason to dislike my feet, my heels crack open and bleed if they get too dry, so in the summer time I can’t wear sandals or other summer shoes! In the winter time they get dank and icky and I’ve also noticed my feet stink!

One time, my mother rang me to let me know she had been speaking to one of her co-workers about my smelly feet (yeah she’s a gem!) and said how I should chuck bi-carb soda in my shoes to soak up the moisture. Yeah cheers for that Mum, but I have to wonder, how the hell did my smelly shoes just happen to pop up in conversation?

I know I’m not alone when it comes to smelly feet, one walk around my town in the summer confirms this. Personally I feel the worst offenders are the ones who try and combat their “issues” by wearing socks and sandals, I wish to let you all know right now, this is not a good look! If you really need to wear socks, just chuck your sneakers on and be done with it!

I do have one positive thing to say about feet though! And this one is probably going to surprise you!
When I was 20 my great-grandmother was in an old folks home, and was bed-ridden. I would often go and help her eat or shower and spend time with her whenever I could. One day in particular I noticed the tops of her feet did not have any wrinkles at all! At 92 years of age, I felt this was really impressive! And as a result the only two tattoos I have are on the tops of my feet.

So I guess when you put it into perspective, these feet that drive me crazy now, could very well be my best feature when I’m in my 90’s… Maybe I shouldn’t be so hard on them after all!

Until next time
Savvyannah xxx

By savvyannah