Goodness me! Has it been that long?

Hi guys,

apologies for taking so long for blogging again.. Have had some family dramas with my 6 year old son. Off to hospital tomorrow for a lumbar puncture and hopefully he will be on the mend soon.

So today I think I’ll write about meeting Shannon.. it was sensational! We went back stage where we got some one on one time with him.. I got to go first!! SQUEEE!!

He came over to me and I asked him if he could sign my DVD from when he was on Australian Idol and also a poster for myself and a friend (which I have now framed)  I told him about the first time I heard him sing, where I was standing and what I was doing and how it made me feel.

Then I told him about his song “Switch me on” I told him how for me, it reminds me of my Grandma, who was by far one of the best people I had in my whole entire life. I explained that she was the one who”Switched me on”  He looked at me and said “Aw” and gave me the biggest hug.. It was so special to have a moment with him, where without having to go into details about my past, he understood.. he understood that everytime I hear his song, I know it’s my Grandma reminding me not to give up.. I am worth it.  I never have to feel alone again.

As if that moment was beautiful enough, during one of his songs “Now I run” which is about his Father (who passed over 10 years ago now) I burst into tears, sitting in the front row, crying, watching him preform.. he came over to the stage, leant down and held my hand..  I said Thank you and sat down and cried some more.. he came and held my hand a few times during the show, then, at the end he dedicated a song to my husband and I for our anniversary! it was AMAZING.. 
and it just keeps getting better!! Last sunday, a photo of my husband, Shannon and I appeared in our statewide newspaper!!! Wonderful wonderful wonderful moments!!

This is something I will truly treasure forever.


I do apologize if this post is a bit scattered! Hopefully when my son’s health is given the all clear this week I’ll make more sense!

Until then



By savvyannah